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Glamping in the Israeli Desert
Luxury desert tent in Ramon crater
Premium Glamping tents in Israel
High end camping in Mitzpe Ramon
Glamour camping in the Israeli deser
Luxury tents in Israel desert
Helicopter & glamping in the Israeli
Pop up hotel in the Israeli desert
Desert Luxury tents in Israel
Ramon crater pop up hotel
Pop up hotel in the Mitzpe Ramon

Popup Desert Glamping Hotels

Popup Desert Hotels ("glamping") in Mitzpe Ramon - Israel

A rare, niche service, that only few in Israel have mastered, glamping is the ultimate experience for the outdoor luxury seeker. If you are among those who consume breathtaking views blended with untouched wilderness, but rather enjoy them with all the comforts  (while sipping chilled white wine) - here we are!

Located in Mitzpe Ramon, the desert tourism capital of Israel, Deep Desert Israel holds all of the relevant knowledge and expertise to create the perfect, glamorous, popup hotel. Our luxurious resorts are known to be an appropriate alternative to any of the other traditional boutique hospitality options in the Mitzpe Ramon area, including the local 5-star hotel. Especially for those who want to refresh their accommodation experiences...

One of the the aspects which make our glamping service unique -  on an international scale, is that we construct our popup hotels from scratch, literally, and in-the-middle-of-nowhere. This means that the resort is there only for the duration of the hospitality! We set it up a few days before our guests arrive and pull it down again as soon as they leave. This enables us to hand pick the perfect location for each event, fitting it to the exact needs, fantasies and aspirations of each client and each production. The final outcome is purely authentic.

Deep Desert Israel offers 2 popup hotel standards:

Deluxe standard - in dome shaped camping tents with earth-mat beds.

Premium standard - in elegant, spacious canvas tents, with REAL beds.

Both accommodation standards can include all or some of the following components: 

·     A unique "popup-oasis" setup with our "desert-chic" décor 

·    Hot showers open to the sky (!) and a flush w.c. trailer

·    A shaded lounge/patio area complete with resting cushions & low coffee tables

·    A fire-circle with arm-chairs and mats.

·    A hot tub jacuzzi.

·    Pampering festive meals served under-the-stars

·    A alcohol and beverage bar

Any means of transportation can be utilized to get our guests to the glamping resort (so far we've used: suv's, atv's, helicopters, camels, horses, minibus and hiking shoes).

Any one of our many in-house desert activities can be incorporated before, during (at) or after the stay.

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