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About us

Deep Desert Israel - who are we?

Deep Desert Israel, operating from the desert town of Mitzpe Ramon overlooking the Ramon Crater, began its way as an inspirational desert activities company. Over time we have expanded our services to special desert experiences, exclusive events planning, outdoor productions and corporate programs, all in the premium standard niche.


The integration of our diverse desert expertise with our creativity and passion for perfection, results in rare, unforgettable experiences, which echo on, long after they have ended. 

Deep Desert Israel was founded and is run by Itai Harary, an experienced outdoors enthusiast and desert guide, who fell madly in love with the desert some 15 years ago. 

Over the course of time Itai went from being a guide to being a multi-functional desert expert, with skills such as off-road driving, rope handling (as in rappelling) and production of special high-end projects and events in the open desert air.


As a former founding partner of Israel's first glamour-camping (glamping) company, Itai is well acquainted with life's comforts, and enjoys bestowing them on others. As such, Itai is intrigued by the juxtaposition between the creation of a sensational, second-to-none experience and the rugged desert environment.



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